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Meet the team

Meet the team

Sharon and Gareth set up the business in 2002 and have been central to the team ever since.

Full time members of the team now include…


Laura – I have always had an interest in animals and was brought up with dogs, fish, rabbits and budgies. I started work with Safe and Hound over two years ago after finishing three years at college, studying animal care, beauty therapy and travel & tourism.

I quickly found out, it isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle! We are one big family and we care for our customer’s pets as our own. I often house sit and look after the dogs that board with us and put a lot of love and care into what I do.

I work full time dog walking and pet feeding as well as house sitting and working behind the scenes to help ensure everything runs smoothly.








Clare – I’m extremely passionate about animals and their care and welfare. I have many years experience caring for a various array of animals including horses, ponies, cats, dogs and other small animals.

I currently have one very active Spaniel called Connie, who enjoys Obedience classes, Scent work and Agility training. We are hoping to compete in Agility competitions in the near future.

I work full time and absolutely love coming to work everyday, no two days are the same. One thing you can always guarantee, you will always be greeted with a waggy tail and a happy team.



155_1469620033398Caroline – I have worked for Safe and Hound for a number of years now, and I consider myself the Grandma of the outfit. We have always had cats and dogs since I was a child, and I have loved animals ever since, especially visiting my grandparents’ farm regularly. We, as a family, have owned many pets from hamsters, guinea pigs, dogs, cats and even tropical fish. I currently have two German Shepherd dogs, Merlyn and Shadow. If they don’t keep my hands full enough, I also volunteer for several German Shepherd Rescue Charities and do home checks for them.

I work part time and love walking the dogs and, of course working as part of the team, or should I say Family?











Leanne – I have always had a passion  for animals, and have a lot of experience looking after them, I grew up with dogs, rabbits, ducks and hamsters. As a teenager I spent every weekend and holiday working at a show kennels looking after the many dogs, 4 horses and cats, while the owner was at shows and working.
My home has never been without an animal of one description or another, I have had many rescues over the years, from Rottweilers to chickens.  Animals come into my home and are loved and cared for until the time they pass to Rainbow Bridge.
I currently live with a deaf Boxer, an Ex show American cocker spaniel, 2 Basset hounds, 5 rescue cats, my daughters rabbit, a chicken, fish and my 2 tortoises.
I am lucky to be working at Safe and Hound doing what I love, caring for animals.





Paul -I was bought up with an array of pets, dogs, cats, rabbits, gerbils, tortoises and budgies. Since 1990 I have rescued dogs as I feel passionately these dogs need homes, Lulu being our latest. I’ve spent the last 16 years working closely with dogs as a groomer with my own business, and have learned a lot about behaviour and handling. I’ve recently started at Safe & Hound and am really enjoying walking happy Hounds.










Nobby & Nigel – Resident pooches Nobby (left) and Nigel (right) are key members of the team. Nobby especially has helped socialise many of the dogs here at Safe and Hound since he was a puppy and now he is able to take it easy as Nigel has taken it upon himself to take over that role and play with all who want to when dogs come to board with us.

Both are full of character and love long walks down the towpath when they holiday on their narrowboat. Nobby (11) also trains in agility and will hopefully be competing soon .









Our Lovely team with our lovely dogs!