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Natural Dog Food Natural Treats


Natural Dog Food Natural Treats


These Hearties from the Natural Dog Food Company are ideal as training treats, or even just to pamper your pooch during the day. The resealable packaging means they are great for on the go and you can rest easy knowing that they are 100% natural.

Product Description

Here at Safe and Hound, we love the Natural Dog Food Company who are committed to achieving good health of all Dogs with the ethos of a Natural Diet and holistic dog food.

These treats, based on the same delicious and wholesome principles as their complete foods, Natural Dog Food Company Treats offer a tasty, low calorie, hypoallergenic treat that your dog will love. Whether you’re looking for an effective yet healthy training treat or simply to pamper your dog day-to-day, Hearties are an ideal treat choice.

• Helps maintain health of Teeth and Gums,
• No Artificial Colours, Flavourings or Preservatives
• No Dairy Products
• No GM Products
• No Derivatives or By-Products
• No Wheat or Wheat Gluten
• No Added Sugars

Natural Dog Food Company Treats are specifically designed to compliment a natural diet. Hearties are suitable for dogs of all breeds from roughly 8 weeks of age. Their small size (roughly the same diameter as a 1 pence piece) makes them ideal as day-to-day treats or as training aids, and for smaller breeds they can be easily broken up. Low in calories, Hearties can even be used as part of a weight loss program.

Natural Dog Food Company Treats and other suitable treats can make up as much as 10-15% of your dog’s diet. More may be given but care must be taken to ensure a healthy balance is maintained. Always reduce the amount being fed at meal times to allow for treats.

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