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Raw Feeding for your dog

Raw Feeding for your dog

chicken500gWhether you feed kibble or wet food, there are so many brands to choose from that choosing the right food for your pet can be a complex matter. Here at Safe and Hound, we want only the best for our pets and that includes their food, so we only feed what we love!!

Raw food

In a world where healthy eating has become a priority for many humans, it seems logical that our dogs follow the same path with their diet. Raw food has exploded onto the market in recent years with increasing numbers of owners opting to feed their pets raw. Whether you mix your own food or buy a complete food, many agree on the health benefits of raw feeding.

The feeding model is based on that of the diet of their ancestors, combining meats, seeds, vegetables and oils to ensure complete nutrition and a varied source of proteins. Over feeding one same food and protein source for many months or years can result in allergies to that protein, and that is what we are keen to avoid by feeding a varied raw diet with Nutriment.

Nutriment is a large food supplier in Surrey who carefully source their meats, seeds and vegetables and combine them into formulas offering complete nutrition for your pets.

Raw Food for Dogs

It is seemingly becoming more common that our dogs have food allergies. Nutriment offers owners of dogs with allergies the opportunity to feed them tasty and nutritious food that does not aggravate any allergies with their “Just” range. The Just range is also popular with owners who wish to follow their own recipes of raw food mixes while being able to source all the different aspects of that meal from one place.

For most, a complete diet is preferable, knowing that your dog has everything he or she needs with no chance of missing essential nutrients from their diet.